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Research & Development (R&D)

At FIBRON AG, we are producing synthetic hollow-fiber membranes where integral parts have been developed and designed especially to meet our challenging quality requirements. FIBRON AG is perfectly outfitted with the latest lab-equipment for spinning and testing hollow fiber membranes. Our production is free of any polluting emissions to the environment.

By a continuous research process we therefore constantly set standards in the field of hemo-dialysis producing one of the best synthetic hollow fiber membranes available on the market.

FIBRON AG is managed and controlled by people who are highly educated and experienced in membrane technology and the production of such membranes in an industrial scale. We are constantly driven by our own scientific ambition to improve our products and to optimize the current production know-how. This allows us to frequently develop new types of membranes – either according to the needs of our customers or due to our own quality demand.