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Medical Areas

FIBRON synthetic hollow fiber membranes are mostly used in the medical area of hemo-dialyzers and hemo-filters where the dialysis efficiency mostly depends on the quality of the membranes which are process determining of each artificial kidney.

Each bundle of membranes represents one human life which has to be saved. Therefore, it is our goal at FIBRON to always optimize our products and thus to make the dialysis process for the patient as comfortable as possible.

Our superior knowledge of membrane fabrication guarantees the production of excellent polysulfone membranes which can be used for low and high flux dialyzers and which have a life span of up to three years within a dialyzer.

FIBRON hollow fiber membranes ensure the most efficient removal of uremic toxins in low- and medium-molecular ranges and thus guarantee the highest patient compatibility.

The unique pore structure of our membranes  as well as the excellent hemo-compatibility provide a highly sufficient removal performance making the dialysis process as comfortable as possible for the patient suffering from kidney disease.

Our unprecedented Micro-Undulation technology prevents single membranes from clustering up during the dialyzing process. Therefore, the Micro-Undulation guarantees an enhanced and steady blood-dialysate contact.

A wall thickness of 40µm of our membranes adds to an enhanced clearance for an optimized dialyzing effectiveness.

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